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Are You Doing More of What Matters!

Hey you! Yeah, YOU! What have you been up to? These are crazy times we’re living in with distractions galore. These distractions can take our focus off of what’s most important and what matters most, and have us reacting all day long – social media, calls, texts, emails, emergencies,family, friends, work, finances, home and auto … Read more

Staying the Course When Fear Resurfaces

Ahhh…Refreshing Nap… Last night was the first night I slept like a baby and I’m up, refreshed, renewed, and alive in my own skin.  Several posts ago, I shared my trailblazing jump from day gig back to self-employment and creativity.  Yet, something happened along the way.  I was covering all the bases, moving forward with … Read more

Resources for Your Big Jump

Wow!  The response to the blog has been downright overwhelming.  I wasn’t sure whether I really wanted to publish it, considering that it’s pretty personal stuff and I was just looking for a place to let out the rambling thoughts in my head.  I had dozens of private responses to the first posting and I’m seeing that it appears to be

Are You Trying to Balance?

So often, we hear people talk about wanting to achieve balance in their lives. How do you balance work, career, finances, personal fulfillment, parenting, family, physical well-being, and spirituality? I’m overwhelmed just thinking about it. What if the idea of having a utopian balanced life were all a myth? Think about it. Life is full of change and crises

Fortune Favors the Bold!

I named my original blog, “Adventures in Jumping,” because I wanted to focus on everyday leaps, both figurative and literal, that we take to progress in life. I was surprised by the response I received from friends and acquaintances after leaving a nice paying full-time contract position ‘in this economy.’ As much as many of my friends cringed

30 Years??!!

I have to reflect on the amazing experience of attending my 30-year high school reunion.  I wasn’t sure that I would be able to attend.  I was already booked to do a talk the following week in Maryland, and the logistics of flying out to Maryland and back twice in two weeks was beyond daunting.  I had already responded that I wouldn’t be able to make it. 

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