Why I Created this Site and Coaching Program

My goal is to hold your hand as you wake up, prepare for, and take the leap into the life you KNOW you were meant to be living. You know, the one where you are happy, living a fulfilling, meaningful life, while contributing and actually having fun!?!!

What exactly does that mean?

I’m here to help you do more of what truly matters to you!!

Before we go further, let’s redefine fulfilling, meaningful, and contributing, shall we?


MARIA M MARINAKIS - Speaking Engagements 7/31/2017 - Cambridge R

Fulfilling means you actually enjoy what you’re doing and look forward to getting up and getting to work on your career, business, relationships, or personal life each day. Your work is a labor of love.



Meaningful means that you connect with the ultimate purpose and outcome of your goals and daily activities. You focus on and do more of what matters and aligns with you purpose.


Maria Coaching

Contributing means you give back, pay it forward, and leave the world a better place – whether through your business, product, services, raising an amazing human being(s), uplifting others, etc.

I’ve taken more life and career risks than I’d like to admit – some by choice, and some by default. RESULT: I live life on my terms, on purpose and with intent, fulfilled and excited to wake up each morning and take on the day.

Find out how I did it and how you can create or reinvent your own life, career, or business.

I blend traditional, peak performance psychological principles with Neuro-Linguistic Programming techniques to get results fast. I will be your action-catalyst and real-life strategist.

  • Action Catalyst

    I'll give you the kick-start motivation and inspiration to take action.

  • Real-Life Strategist

    I'll help you create meaningful action plans that are a good fit with your value system and lifestyle.

  • Translation

    You WILL take the consistent action necessary to achieve your goals!

I’ll help you figure out what you REALLY want, focus on what TRULY matters to you, and set meaningful, bold, bodacious, sexy goals that will excite you to take massive action to achieve them on a daily basis.

I genuinely care about you and I am committed to helping you create the life and career or business you want, wile making the process easy, entertaining, and fun!

Are you or your experiencing or planning change and in a place where you’re either stuck or needing some insight, perspective, and guidance to get to the other side with ease?

"Maria is very knowledgeable about her subject matter and up to date on the latest research and discussions. Her biggest strength is being able to present academic & scientific information in easy to understand language, mixing in everyday stories and timely humor to keep her audience engaged. We first employed Maria as a keynote speaker 4 years ago at a sales convention and have worked with Maria as an advisor to our company ever since."

Jim Garber, Senior Product Manager, Discovery Learning Toys -

"Maria offers a personalized experience, tailored to your specific needs, and always helps you understand how her knowledge and expertise is helpful to your current work or personal situation. I LOVED the energy, laughs, and personality Maria shares with everyone around her on a consistent basis! Like Maria always says, “Relationships are everything!”

Kate Fraizer, Founder - Connect Point Moms

"Have you ever met someone and immediately connected with them? That was the case for me when I met Maria over 13 years ago. Her dynamic personality, intelligence and great sense of humor is a rare find and very refreshing. I’ve had the pleasure of attending many of Maria’s trainings and seminars. She has substantial expertise and delivers engaging presentations with practical application, in a manner which empowers her audience. I’ve also consulted with Maria for career coaching. She has consistently provided great information, resources, as well as the encouragement that I needed to move from contemplation to action! If you’re seeking a professional coach or trainer who will deliver beyond your expectations, you should contact Maria right away. You’ll be glad you did!!!"

Wanda Porter, Professional Trainer

"Thanks to Maria’s Coaching and Busy 2 Balance program, I finalized a meaningful framework for my own coaching approach that represents my values and experience based on years of study of both Universal Law and traditional Shao-Lin Kung Fu. Maria’s insight helped me connect the dots in that unique blend to create my signature system. I have now developed my signature system and talk to help my clients achieve more with boldness."

Tanisha Martin -

"Maria is an outstanding person who knows how to communicate important ideas in a way that people of all ages can understand instantly."

Maureen Zelensky, MFT - www.Zelensky

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